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Stainable steel, Fiberglass and Prefinished Entry Doors

       We offer a full line of Entry Doors including Stainable Steel, Fiberglass and Prefinished. The doors we offer are available in many custom sizes, colors and stains. Our doors are also available in hundreds of styles with many different glass options.

       The entry doors we offer far more than "curb appeal." They add lasting value and performance thanks to a combination of quality features such as: Premium quality finishes, Energy efficiency, Integrated frame systems, High performance doorlite frames and Unique decorative glass treatments.










Seaway Entry Doors

Your entryway creates your home's first impression. Seaway's EntryPride doors offer nearly limitless design options with elegant decorative glass doorlites and matching sidelites to enhance your home's curb appeal.

EntryPride is a superior selection for security and controlling your energy costs:

  • Strong galvanized steel shell
  • High definition embossed door pattern
  • Solid dent-resistant core of insulating polyurethane foam
  • Neoprene rubber weather stripping
  • Durable, triple self-sealing rubber door sweep

And, EntryPride doors won't rust, warp, expand, shrink, or swell like wood doors. In addition, EntryPride doors are backed by Seaway's 20-year limited warranty.



















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Seaway Entry Doors Feature

Polyurethane Core
EntryPride's core contains no voids and no hollow spots. An R-15 insulating value is five times better than wood doors and nearly twice that of polystyrene doors! EntryPride saves energy in the winter and the summer.

True Thermal Break
Not all steel entry doors have one! The vinyl thermal break locks skins together, while separating the exterior and interior steel surfaces to provide a thermal break that minimizes heat loss, condensation and ice build-up on the inner skin regardless of outside temperature.

Triple Contact Bottom
Sweep with Drip Cap
Twin compression tubes and extruded vinyl sweep-blade join with the threshold to seal the door bottom and prevent major energy loss. You will not experience leaks, drafts, or ice build-up.

High-Definition Embossed Door Pattern
EntryPride doors offer elegant embossing with deeper and more sharply defined contours than many other doors available on the market today.

Reinforced Lock Preparation
EntryPride's locking system porvides a rigid base for locksets and discourages intruders. It is available for use with all frames and most types of security hardware.

12-Gauge Hinge Reinforcement
Its plate is riveted within the door, eliminating sags and increasing EntryPride's strength and durability.






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Solid Vinyl Patio Doors

We offer patio doors in both swing sets and sliding doors. Both styles are available in vinyl, aluminum and steel.

Patio doors are the focal point of any room they grace. An expanse of glass that brightens your family home bringing indoors the warmth and beauty of the outdoors.

A patio door will greatly enhance the enjoyment of your home. Step out to the patio for breakfast, bring in fresh cut flowers from the garden, or create a new cheerful atmosphere in a stuffy room. The possibilities are endless.

No other improvement will have as great an effect on the appearance and value of your home as a patio door. Patio doors are an investment that will influence the livability of your family home as well as the marketability when you're ready to sell.

The Clarion Vinyl Patio Door can make the most of this important feature. They are designed to not only be a beautiful addition to your home, but to be durable, maintenance-free and energy efficient.





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Prima Vista

Replacement Patio Door



Prima Style

Prima Colors

Prima Features

Prima Hardware



Replace your old patio door with an elegant "hassle-free"
Prima Vista sliding patio door, and you will gain unrivaled security, durability, the ultimate in thermal performance, and ease of operation guaranteed for years to come.

  • Built to perform in the toughest conditions
  • Tested against the most stringent industry standards for air and water infiltration,
    wind-load resistance, ease of operation, forced entry, and more
  • Prima Vista sliding patio doors come complete with a lifetime limited warranty
  • Lower your heating and air conditioning costs
  • Easier cleaning and virtually no maintenance
  • Increased comfort and total performance satisfaction year-round
  • Superior locking system for peace of mind that your family is protected

A Statement of Style

Seaway's Prima Vista sliding patio doors are available in 2-panel, 3-panel and 4-panel configurations, with a high performance glass package, white, beige, woodgrain and white, or woodgrain and beige contoured colonial grids, or prairie decorative grid options.

Original Field Changeable Vice-Versa Feature
Prima Vista's exclusive wheel system allows the direction of the opening to be changed from left to right or vice-versa simply and easily.

Integral Mini Blinds
Optional 1" glass with integrated mini blinds is availabe for maintenance-free privacy in clear glass.


Interior Designer Colors
Prima Vista sliding patio doors are offered in white, beige, light oak, medium oak, and cherry, with optional coated exterior colors available to match your home.


Prima Vista's Specialty Features

1. Strong, heavy-duty multi-chamber uPVC vinyl extrusions offer superior thermal efficiency and increased sound dampening.

2. Triple weather stripping on posts and double weather stripping at the secure interlock for enhanced insulation, virtually eliminating air infiltration. (AAMA rating of 0.11)

3. A patented sliding system features robust, adjustable dual tandem 1" Ultrex rollers with marine ball bearings to ensure smooth, easy, and quiet operation.

4. An exclusive, high performance water drainage system is incorporated into the lower sill, directing water where it should go...outside.

5. Prima Vista sliding patio doors have fusion welded sashes and are constructed with steel reinforcement both at the interlock and the meeting rail to ensure maximum rigidity for superior construction.

6. Prima Vista's Silent Glide extruded screen with stainless steel screws and an adjustable spring loaded suspension system in each corner is designed not to derail or jam. Self-cleaning tracks are built into the sill for smooth operation of the rigid enameled aluminum alloy screen frame.

7. Prima Vista sliding patio doors offer tempered 7/8" insulated glass and high performance Low E with argon gas fill and premium warm edge spacer for added efficiency. Prima Vista sliding patio doors receive an NFRC U value of 0.29 and SHGC of 0.27, yielding excellent thermal performance.

8. AAMA 101 tested: 6-foot patio doors outperform the competition with a very impressive residential DP-55 rating.







Hardware Options

White, Black, or Beige Coated


Brushed Chrome

Black Nickel






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Replacement Patio Door



Encore Style

Encore Features



Enhance the Splendor of Your
Home with Seaway's Encore Sliding Patio Door


Patio doors are the focal point of any room they grace; an expanse of glass that brightens your home, bringing indoors the warmth and beauty of the outdoors. A patio door will greatly enhance the enjoyment of your home. Step out to the patio for breakfast, bring in fresh, cut flowers from the garden, or create a new, cheerful atmosphere in a stuffy room. The possibilities are endless.



A Stylish Addition to Most Any Home

The Encore Vinyl Sliding Patio Door adds traditional, classic styling to your home. This patio door was designed with the charm of the Victorian Era, yet is built to last with the latest advanced materials and highest levels of energy efficiency.

All Encore Sliding Patio Doors are manufactured with heavy multi-chambered vinyl extrusions. Frames are welded at the header with a strong, durable sill, mechanically fastened to the jambs. The door lites are constructed of the same quality, vinyl extrusions, with aluminum reinforcement, and all corners are welded assuring strength and stability.

The hardware used on the Encore Sliding Patio Door is what you would expect from a quality Seaway product: only the finest. These patio doors have heavy-duty, "tandem" rollers for easy-gliding operation. Strong, dependable locking hardware is used, with a full interlock system where the two lites meet. There is also a "Lift-Out Prevention Track" that adds additional security to the lock system.

Available in either Euro-White or Beige, the Encore Sliding Patio Door from Seaway will add to the comfort, appearance and value of your home.

The Encore Patio Door matches our Seaway vinyl replacement window, this is a stylish addition to most any home. Long-lasting, easy-maintenance patio doors from Seaway bring the outdoors in, while keeping high energy bills out. These doors slide effortlessly and add spaciousness and light. Specialty doors and windows from Seaway make it a joy to stay home.

Features and Benefits

  • Victorian styling adds classic beauty to your home
  • Tempered safety and insulated glass; with optional low-E and argon gas for additional safety and energy efficiency
  • Strong, dependable hardware used, with a full interlock system.
  • Optional brass hardware

  • Sturdy sliding screen
  • Heavy-duty, tandem rollers for easy gliding operation
  • "Lift-Out Prevention Track" adds to the security of the lock system.

  • Available in 5ft. or 6ft.
  • Available in euro-white or beige
  • Frames are welded at the header with a strong, durable sill and mechanically fastened to the jamb
  • The door lites are constructed with aluminum reinforcement and all corners are welded, assuring strength and stability

  • Heavy,multi-chambered vinyl extrusions for added strength









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Seaway Classic Storm Doors


Storm Door Features

Storm Door Hardware

Storm Door Styles


A Beautiful Introduction to Your Home


The Classic storm door will add beauty to your entryway-not hide it. The Classic storm door by Seaway, with several durable designs and a multitude of colors, will enrich and compliment any architectural style of home. The Classic storm door gives you the finest American design and construction. 


These doors are manufactured to provide years of reliable, maintenance-free service. A wide range of custom sizes are available with tempered safety glass. Take a look at some of the quality features and notice the design details that you won't find on other storm doors.















Features and Benefits

  • Snap-on Beauty Cap Z-bar covers installation screws and adds a fully finished appearance

  • Baked acrylic enamel finish resists chipping and scratching
  • Four totally enclosed hinges with bronze oil lit bearings for ease of movement and quiet door operation

  • Sturdy, extruded aluminum frame with 0.055 wall thickness won’t warp, bend, rattle or lose its weather tite seal
  • Tempered safety glass furnishes not only protection for the family, but also peace of mind
  • All hardware is included and adds to the beauty of every Classic door
  • All kick panels are sealed with butyl caulk and molded in with aluminum angle for added strength and durability
  • Rust-resistant, galvanized steel corner gussets add robust strength for years of trouble-free service

  • Slip-in header holds the glass sash in place and includes a drip cap that channels rainwater off the glass. Also, an extruded lift handle is provided on the interior of the glass insert to facilitate the safe and easy removal of the glass without the use of tools
  • Optional insulfill, foam-filled frame and kick panel adds energy efficiency
  • Internal bottom expander furnishes a full width seal between the door and sill. It allows full adjustability without scratching the door surface or detracting from the outer appearance of the door

  • Durable and attractive, black aluminum screens are standard; exclusive application keeps the screen from pulling out of the frame
  • Time-saving, pre-hanging options available
  • Polypropylene weather stripping around glass and screen inserts provides a tight seal to keep out wind, weather, dust and dirt



Seaway's Classic storm door deserves the rich accent of a beautiful hardware handle. (You can't make a second first impression.) What better way to add a personal touch and customize your new Seaway storm door than with an elegant handle? This Seaway option adds beauty and class to your entryway. Hardware handles are available in many different styles and a variety of finishes. Feel the quality when you turn the handle of these fine accessories. Many styles include key lock security. Beauty, elegance, and peace of mind are available through your local Seaway dealer.







Door Styles

One Lite
A single lite of 66" glass enhances your view of the outdoors. It adds beauty and charm to both the entry door and the architecture of your home.
One Lite
A large single lite of 70" glass extends your view, and allows sunlight and warmth to stream into your home. It also furnishes a clear, unobstructed view of your entry door and has inter-changeable glass and screen inserts
Deluxe Hi-Lite
A solid, strong center mullion separates glass into two lites. Individual glass and screen inserts are provided for the top and bottom panels. The perfect choice for heavy use areas.

-Satin Silver kick panel available
Classic Full View
Elegant, sleek design with 74 1/4" glass for maximum view. Let all the natural beauty shine through, brightening your home, while showcasing the beauty and style of your entry door. Interchangeable glass and screen inserts are included.
Even Lite
Rich with classic styling, yet quite practical, this design features a center mullion for strength and durability in high use areas. Choose your combination: separate glass and screen inserts for top and bottom panel.
Hi Lite
This classic door offers a strong center mullion located lower on the door to effectively display and highlight the beauty of your entry door. Especially attractive with a provincial style kick panel as shown.
Two-Lite Full View
Features center mullion for classic, tasteful styling as well as additional strength and durability. Designed to compliment any style of entry door. Separate glass and screen inserts for top and bottom panels allow any combination of ventilation and glass desired.
A timeless appeal and the features you'll appreciate in this fine storm door include colonial, country look and French Provincial style kick panel with raised pattern
Double Provincial Vertical
The view's great with this half panel design that lets you enjoy the scenery, while providing durability for high traffic areas. Stylish provincial kick panel with raised relief adds a decorative accent.
Self Storing
This self storing half panel door is especially attractive with three operational inserts furnishing both storm protection and ventilation with-out removing inserts. Designed to stand up to wear and tear of active families.










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